Mosaic and Marble Tiles

Tiles are chosen for flooring because of their pleasant appearance and facility of quick installation. A tiled floor adapts itself easily to slight settlement of foundation and backfill, and any crack that develops will be imperceptibility localized at the joints. Tiles can also be easily replaced for repairs. In addition to these general conditions, cement concrete flooring tiles have good strength, durability and resistance to wear and tear.

‘HINDUSTAN’ Tiles are manufactured in hydro electric power press using best quality cement, white cement, mosaic chips of finest quality in different sizes and colours as required and cement oxide colours.

Colours used in ‘HINDUSTAN’ Tiles are fast colours.


Tiles are normally manufactured in 10″X10″X3/4″ ti 1″ size according to size of chips used. Tiles can also be supplied in following sizes as required.

10″X10″, 10″X4″, 10″X5″, 10″X6″, 12″X12″ and

In Chequered design :
10″X10″ in 16 dots, 25 dots and 100 dots 12″X12″ in 36 dots.

In Chequered steps
8″X11″ for stair cases

The tiles are used in residential buildings, shops, offices, hotels, cinema houses, hospitals, power houses i.e. in all modern buildings as they are the cheapest flooring compared to cast insitv in similar designs because to lay cast in situ it is necessary to prepare base with cement concrete and also to divide the cast in situ with glass or aluminium strips because in absence of above the cast chequered Tiles can also be used on Railway Platform Pavements Ramp in situ settles down and develop cracks.


These tiles are made in marble designs in various colours and they cost only half the cost of natural marble.