Sundercem Cement Paint

Sundercem Cement Paint – Decorative waterproof cement coating

SUNDERCEM Decorative Waterproof Cement Coating has been formulated to give long adhesion, protection and resistance to varying weather conditions. Being water dispersible coating it is easy in application.

SUNDERCEM Decorative Waterproof Cement Coating


  1. is supplied in powder form and requires the addition of water in one stage, therefore, mixing is much more easy.
  2. gives a beautiful mat finish.
  3. has a longer pot life. This saves labour since a large quantity can be mixed up at one time to make it ready for application.
  4. provided a durable waterproof surface which repels rains on external surface and prevents internal surface from penetration of dampness.
  5. forms a hard surface which goes harder with age. Water or moisture does not affect its adhesive or lasting properties but improves them instead. SUNDERCEM coated surface can be washed repeatedly.
  6. applied as per direction it will not rub, flake or peel off. With SUNDERCEM no dust is created.
  7. becomes an integral part of the surface.
  8. is hygienic and unaffected by climatic conditions.
  9. is an excellent light and heat reflector in the lighter colours and increases light reflective values of walls and ceiling by over 20%.
  10. being waterproof and washable, minimizes the harbouring of germs.
  11. is an ideal finish for exteriors, also interiors, such as garages, factories, farm buildings, dairies, food factories, cellars, basement, etc.
  12. available in a wide range of colour/shades.


Loosen the contents of each new container or SUNDERCEM by rolling or shaking the container before opening it for the first time. To one volume of water in clean container all equal volume of SUNDERCEM and stir well to get uniform consistency. No further dilution is required and SUNDERCEM is ready for application.

Use SUNDERCEM within one hour of mixing, keep stirred during use. Second coat should be applied at a minimum interval of 24 hours.

Each coat after application must be showered with a fine spray of water at the end of day’s work preferably after 6 to 8 hours of drying.

Allow the second coat to harden for at least 24 hours. The coated surface should again be sprinkled with water two or three times a day for at least two days.

Use the brush with a short stiff hog or fiber bristles. The coating should be brushed with uniform thickness and free from heavy brush marks.


Norma! pot life of SUNDERCEM Cement coating and water mixture is a maximum of two hours i.e. material once mixed up should be consumed within two hours. Mix only the required quantity at a time. Do not add extra water for thinning as this will adversely affect the adhesion of the coating. Material one set should not be reused.


Coverage capacity varies according to the texture and porosity of the surface as well as on the application gives higher coverage. SUNDERCEM Cement Coating when mixed in proper ratio the approximate covering by applying two-coat brushing on various types of surfaces are as follows :

Surface Kg/Brass
Cement/sand rendering 2.0-3.0 3.25
Rough cast anci pebble dash 1.0-1.5 5.90
Wall and fibre board 2.5-4.0 2.40
Brick Work (Dry) 1.7-3.0 3.25
Concrete Blocks 1.6-2.7 3.44
1 square metre = 10.7 sq.ft.
1 brass = 100 sq.ft.


  1. SUNDERCEM Cement Coating should not be applied on smooth plasters like Gypsum plasters, lime washes, oil paints, varnishes, oil bound distemper, etc.
  2. GREEN AND BLUE SHADES are liable to fleet in the exteriors.
  3. SUNDERCEM Cement Coating is not recommended for external surface of common bricks unless they are dried at the time of application.
  4. Due to possible degradation of some ingredients in the cement coating, do not keep the container open for longer time than what is necessary to mix the coating.
  5. When weather conditions are such as to cause the coating to dry rapidly, work should be carried out during shade as far as possible.
  6. Material once set should not be reused.