Precast Manhole System

Hindustan Precast Manhole Chambers

After an extensive research we have launched a Perfect Manhole Sytem " HINDUSTAN PCM" in December 2019 to meet the challenges of urbanization and smart cities. We are the largest manufacturer of Precast Manhole Chamber In Ranchi, Jharkhand. These systems are available in 910mm and 1220 mm diameter which comprises of monolithic precast concrete base. The unique system combines to form the perfect manhole that are designed to last for atleast 10 years.

Parts of manhole system

Base Section


The Base section is the bottommost part which bears the entire load of the precast manhole system. This section provides strong foundation for heavy vehicles load.

Riser Section


Above the base section lies the Riser section which provides the safe access connection to the ground level to the pipes. We have risers of different height.

Cone Section


Above the Riser section we have the conical section which is used to decrease the diameter to 600mm to provide enough space to enter inside the manhole.

Slab to cover the access


Flat Slab is used to access the manhole system.This is designed as per the Indian standards of Heavy Duty and Extra Heavy Duty Class.(IS 12592:2002)