Leading Manufacturer of Paver blocks, mosaic & marble tiles in Jharkhand.


The only manufacturing firm in Jharkhand to get ISI certification.


Hindustan Tiles established in 1962, is one of the oldest manufacters of Paver Blocks,mosaic & marble tiles in Jharkhand. We specialize in variety of products ranging from paver blocks, mosaic tiles, marble tiles, a.c. pressure pipes to hollow bricks with economic solution to cater to the emerging market in & around Jharkhand. We also manufacture waterproof terrace tiles, chequered tiles, chequered steps, heavy duty floor tiles in various sizes to suit the client requirement with minimum wastage.​


Mosaic Terrazo Tiles

These tiles are manufactured in hydro electric power press using best quality cement, white cement, mosaic chips of finest quality in different sizes and colors as required.

Interlocking Paver block

Precast Concrete Pavers

We at Hindustan Tiles, manufacture high strength interlocking concrete pavers which adds a distinctive touch to any project in any climate.Available in varied dimension.

Precast Concrete Hollow Blocks

Hollow Concrete Blocks

Concrete block masonry is exceptionally economical in building construction. We manufacture high strength concrete hollow blocks in various sizes and dimensions.


In modern day constructions Kerbstones are widely used for gardens and roads for consolidation and decoration purpose. Hindustan tiles manufactures Kerbstones in different sizes.

Garden Bench

Garden Accessories

Now add a distinctive touch to your garden area through our precast concrete benches which are available in different sizes and colors to meet your needs requirement.

Precast Manhole Chambers

Manhole Chambers

In order to cater the need of modern engineering construction we manufacture Precast Manhole Chambers in different sizes as per customizable as per client requirement.

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