Precast Concrete Hollow Blocks

Concrete Hollow Blocks

Hindustan tiles is one the leading and best manufacturer of Concrete Hollow Blocks, Concrete Paving Blocks, Mosaic & Marble tiles in Ranchi.

Concrete block masonry is exceptionally economical in building construction. Its economy, as compared to other types of masonry construction, is one of the principal reasons for the rapid increase in the use of concrete block masonry. Architects, builders, owners and others ordinarily scrutinize costs even more closely now than in the past, which means that concrete block masonry, because of its definite economies, can occupy an increasingly important position in the building construction field. Concrete block masonry is economical to use because the units are relatively large, true to size and shape, and provide, good mortar bedding— factors which ensure rapid construction with efficient use of the mason’s and helper’s time.

For most economical and speedy solution to the building problem of any type these blocks are available in various sizes:

  • Height 200 to 500 mm
  • Length 400 to 600 mm
  • Width 50 , 75 , 100 , 150 and 200 mm
  • And also as per customer’s desired specifications. In various classes viz. Load Bearing (for roofing’s)
  • Non – Load Bearings (for Partition Walls)